The end of the year … what do you have left in your tank?

Recently I’ve been seeing the same theme cropping up over and over in various guises with clients and in my day-to-day reading, so I figure it’s time to share.

The theme I’m talking about is leadership burnout, fatigue. I suspect it’s as much about the year drawing to a close and more leaders are casting their eyes over the years successes and failures. But interestingly I am hearing more whispers of just being “tired” and “exhausted”. I even have one client contemplating an early exit from his organisation.

These whisperings seem to tally with a recent blog by Tony Schwartz over at HBR’s blogging site – Fatigue is your enemy .

If you are feeling it – fatigue –  too, maybe it’s time to press pause for a quick check-in with yourself. Here’s a few questions to ask yourself.

1. What’s my impact on my Organisation? Team? Colleagues? My Family, Friends?

2. Is it what I want it to be?

3. If not, what do I need to do change how I am feeling right now.

4. How do I make that happen

It’s not rocket science, and in the normal course of the year you probably already do it, but when you’re fatigued, you may forget.

I also came across this article  by Les McKeown’s that offers a year-end checklist for leaders.

Again, it’s a useful reminder that leading and leadership never stop. I would also hasten to add, that it is just as much about looking after yourself and making sure you have the energy and reserves you will need to keep your ship running.

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