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ZIA Executive works with individuals, teams and organisations to help turn people potential into sustainable business performance. We work closely with our clients to develop the best solutions to meet their needs and the needs of their business in a way that is engaging, practical and outcomes oriented. Zia Executive's expertise lies in four primary areas: * Executive Coaching * Leadership and Management Development * Team and Individual Development * Organization/Cultural Transformation

How bias colours our world and what we can do about it

“We are far more liable to catch the vices than the virtues of our associates.” Denis Diderot It’s human nature to notice the negative, it’s a concept known as negativity dominance to psychologists. This helps explain why, for instance, when … Continue reading

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How do you help your team to succeed?

Over the last few months I’ve been running an exploratory survey asking people to answer the question “what word defines success” for them. And while the results are not entirely surprising it did make me start to think again about … Continue reading

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The end of the year … what do you have left in your tank?

Recently I’ve been seeing the same theme cropping up over and over in various guises with clients and in my day-to-day reading, so I figure it’s time to share. The theme I’m talking about is leadership burnout, fatigue. I suspect … Continue reading

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What’s your personal brand saying?

I’ve been doing a bit of reading on personal branding recently and came across a really useful interview with branding guru Julia Allinson by Jeff Haden in Inc.  The interview is aimed at owners of small businesses, but the principles … Continue reading

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Why feedback is really just a load of tosh and change never happens

This morning I had an interesting email exchange with a client. He sent me an email from his company announcing a new coaching course for leaders. He thought it was ridiculous, long winded and fluffy and that no one really … Continue reading

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How ironing has helped me to think ….

Ok, I’ll be honest, I don’t like ironing. It’s boring, monotonous and tedious. But the one thing it gives me that I place a huge value on is quality thinking time. Why is thinking time important? Humans tend to look … Continue reading

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More Coffee, The FTSE 250 and Luck pt 2

Since part 1, I’ve been posing that question (do you control your luck) to every hapless soul who passes my way. So apologies  to everyone I’ve accosted! So I had to look into the research on luck, what do the … Continue reading

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More coffee, the FTSE 250 and Luck pt1

So once again I find myself sat at a coffee shop reading over my notes from the past couple of days. It always starts with coffee for some reason … or as my husband says … “best drink of the … Continue reading

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Musing from the Cafe … Networking and Coffee …

In between meetings I will often find a cafe to sit down and catch-up on work. It’s a relaxing atmosphere and normally there is the buzz of networking and business going on all around me .. not that I’m eavesdropping! … Continue reading

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Gone Plotty: 10 things my allotment taught me about Networking and Being an Entrepreneur

Networking is one of those things that your either take to like a fish to water or it’s something you have to work at, more like a bunny in scuba gear. I’m more of the latter and even though I … Continue reading

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