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What’s your personal brand saying?

I’ve been doing a bit of reading on personal branding recently and came across a really useful interview with branding guru Julia Allinson by Jeff Haden in Inc.  The interview is aimed at owners of small businesses, but the principles … Continue reading

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How ironing has helped me to think ….

Ok, I’ll be honest, I don’t like ironing. It’s boring, monotonous and tedious. But the one thing it gives me that I place a huge value on is quality thinking time. Why is thinking time important? Humans tend to look … Continue reading

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More Coffee, The FTSE 250 and Luck pt 2

Since part 1, I’ve been posing that question (do you control your luck) to every hapless soul who passes my way. So apologies  to everyone I’ve accosted! So I had to look into the research on luck, what do the … Continue reading

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More coffee, the FTSE 250 and Luck pt1

So once again I find myself sat at a coffee shop reading over my notes from the past couple of days. It always starts with coffee for some reason … or as my husband says … “best drink of the … Continue reading

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Gone Plotty: 10 things my allotment taught me about Networking and Being an Entrepreneur

Networking is one of those things that your either take to like a fish to water or it’s something you have to work at, more like a bunny in scuba gear. I’m more of the latter and even though I … Continue reading

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England v Algeria – A lesson in leadership and coaching

Watching the England v. Algeria game in the World Cup has brought to mind a number of questions about the role of a manager. Arguably, England is the better team populated with A-players, all stars in their own right. But … Continue reading

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How do I motivate my team?

It’s a question I am asked frequently when working with managers. The research into motivation runs far and deep and every business school, journal and magazine has focused on it. So, needless to say, theories aren’t in short supply. From … Continue reading

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